Key to selecting the portal water purification

The types of water purifiers, manufacturers, and models are so numerous that it is necessary to ask the right questions before buying a particular filter. Let’s review the most important selection criteria in order to calmly make your choice:

The volume: this criterion also depends on the use you will make of the water purifier. If you are looking for one to try a survival or bushcraft experience, go for a filter bag of 5 liters or more. On the other hand, if you go for a hike, choose a 50-cl or 1 liter filter bottle.

Weight: some purifiers weigh only about twenty grams whereas other models exceed 300 grams. While every gram counts during a light hike or during a trek, you will understand that this criterion will be very important.

The lifespan of the filters: some must be recharged, this is the case for activated carbons. Others are purely mechanical and last much longer. When buying, you will notice that durability is often expressed in liters of total filling. That is to say that some gourds can be filled with 1000 liters during 'their life' while pockets approach 20,000 liters.

Filtration fineness: purifiers rarely filter all products and waste, they often specialize in this. Some are particularly renowned for the filtration of heavy metals while others remove viruses with 99.99% success. It's up to you to see what seems most important to you.

The way of water collection: here we come to the practical aspect of the purifier. You just have to keep in mind that several ways to fill the filter exist, such as pumping, suctioning with the mouth a and filling directly in a body of water. It's up to you to see what you prefer!

The price: this criterion is subjective since inexpensive purifiers will have a shorter lifespan than other more expensive ones. In general, the quality/price ratio is a criterion that we will discuss in more detail a little later.

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