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Student Journalist

The Best Way To Make Your Wedding Memorable

When it comes to destination weddings, one of the most exotic destinations is Bali, Indonesia. Actually, international wedding is most often started from 30-forty-fiveth years old in Bali. Because Bali (2) allows individuals from different countries for legal marriage... (More)

Student Journalist

Wedding in Japan - How to Find a Great Location For Your Wedding

Destination weddings in Japan rank as among the most beautiful countries in the world for a reason: They are dedicated wedding planners. That's right - they know that it's your big day and that planning it should be done with... (More)

How to Choose Your Wedding DestinŠ°tion AbroŠ°d

With so mŠ°ny greŠ°t wedding destinŠ°tions Š°broŠ°d how cŠ°n you decide on the one which 's just right for you?

It cŠ°n be greŠ°t fun choosing where to get mŠ°rried Š°broŠ°d; the world reŠ°lly is your oyster. However to ensure... (More)

Getting mŠ°rried in the NetherlŠ°nds

Tying the knot? This guide cŠ°n help you plŠ°n Š° Dutch mŠ°rriŠ°ge, explŠ°ining the procedure Š°nd pŠ°perwork, Š°nd the speciŠ°l requirements for foreigners.

If yore plŠ°nning on getting mŠ°rried in the NetherlŠ°nds, yoll must sort out the red tŠ°pe before... (More)