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Real Estates
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The Sale of the Joint Marital House in Case of Separation

What happens if, after the separation, one of the spouses tries to sell the joint marital home? This question is important not only for those who want to sell a house, but also for the buyer.

Let's take an... (More)

Real Estate in New York City

In a city like New York, owning a house is the norm for most people, and sometimes, it's the only workable way of living. So, if you're considering buying a house in New York, and want to know more about... (More)

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Learn About Real Estate Investing

The Real Estate Agent's Handbook to Buying New York Real Estate For Investment: Knowing the Basics The following section addresses a few more important questions about the costs associated with moving to New York and purchasing New York real estate:... (More)

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Buying Real Estate in New York City

New York real estate is one of the most competitive in the country. When you consider the real estate industry as a whole, this is true. But because New York real estate is home to some of the most important... (More)