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New York City
New York City
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Sports and Fitness in New York

Football is like many people in the world. It's a game which is played internationally too and got which fitness matter a lot. Can you imagine any player with a round belly and fatty body playing in this game? Not... (More)

New York Tour Guide: Statue of Liberty

Travelers traveling to New York City render visiting the Statue of liberty extremely famous. This can require long ferry waiting particularly in the summer, but you will save time with these inputs and advice and take advantage of your visit... (More)

New York Tour Guide: Metropolitan Museum of Art

One of New York City’s most popular tourist attractions, the metropolitan museum of Art welcomes 7.35 million visitors a year. From ancient Egyptian vases and Roman sculptures to Tiffany glass and Rembrandt paintings, there is something for almost everyone- the... (More)

New York Tour Guide: Central Park

It is the most widely visited urban park in New York City. Also, it is the fifth-largest park in New York City. It is located in Manhattan and covers an area of around 3.41 km2. It is a great place... (More)