Workouts & Fitness Challenge
We know that in these difficult times, practicing some physical activity has become essential to maintain good physical and mental health.

If your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, prepare for a competition or simply stay healthy, this app is definitely for you.

With Fitness Challenge you can create your own challenges, to test yourself or challenge your friends, you can also choose some of the predefined challenges created by experts for specific purposes such as: lose weight, increase muscle mass, increase buttocks and legs, reduce abdomen, etc.

When creating your challenge you will be able to choose between more than 500 exercises of all kinds since our app has almost 300 exercises to do at home or in the gym, almost 200 different yoga poses from the most basic level to the most advanced, as well as more than 50 sports activities.

You can configure each exercise according to your needs, increase the intensity, configure increases in number of repetitions, number of series, time or distance as the case may be.

You program which days you want to do your challenge, and the app will send you reminders so that you meet your goal. The app will guide you through each of the exercises, indicating the time and calories burned in each one.

Make your challenges more interesting and invite your friends, share your challenges and encourage them to start improving their lives just like you.

With Fitness Challenge you can:

1. Create your own challenges or choose one already predefined.
2. You can choose from more than 500 different exercises, including exercises to do at home, gym, yoga poses and a variety of sports.
3. Customize your challenges.
4. Guides and tutorials with animations for each exercise.
5. Find exercises organized by level and difficulty.
6. Challenge your friends or just prove yourself how far you can go.
7. You will be able to see who the best in the leaderboard is.
8. Track your progress, you will be able to keep track of how far you advanced in each challenge, as well as your time and calories burned.
9. Keep track of your calories burned, your time, your weight and your BMI.

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