The New-York Directory, originally published in 17olis, was the very first directory of New York City and the second published in the US. It contained a list of almost one hundred and forty names of local businesses. This directory was considered the first printed map of New York City. It included local government offices and court houses. The early directories were not very comprehensive and did not include street addresses or names of actual businesses.

The first business directories that included street addresses were published by merchants that shipped their goods from New York City. New York city merchants were the first to publish business listings in New York City directories. These included general stores, grocery stores, saloons, bistros, breweries, doctors' offices and other businesses. For years after these first published lists, business directories continued to be published by merchants who shipped goods from New York City to all parts of the country.


In order to find out more information about a particular business in New York City, the business directory published by Merchants of New York was used. A list of all the names of businesses was then made and the names were entered into a name book. This would then be referred to when necessary. The business directory lasted for eleven years until it was replaced by another system. This was called The New-York Evening Post, which was published weekly.


Another published business directory was begun in 18 42. This new directory was called The New-York Evening Relief. This printed directory was also published by Merchants of New York City. This directory was a great help to those who were searching for local businesses. The newspaper published the lists on their front page and when people searched for a business in New York, they could see if that business was listed in this directory.


The first published business directory in the United States was published by Thomas Paine. His published directory was widely known at the time and was widely considered as the first New York directory. Business directories are now considered to be important for anyone doing business in New York City. New York is home to many of the country's largest companies and most of the world's business is conducted here.


When the directory was first published, the listings were very basic. They did not include street addresses or fax numbers. They did include phone numbers though. Because of this new technology available to businessmen, the directory published today is much more detailed.


Today, the New York City directory can be used to search for businesses by business name or by zip code. A business owner can look up information about a business by using a zip code when searching through a New York City business directory. A business owner can also find out how long the business has been in business and if it has an address. The New York City directory published today has millions of business listings. It can be used by everyone who does business in New York City or any other city in America.


When a person wants to use the New York City directory, they should first go online and search for a business directory. There are many free online business directories to choose from. In addition, if a person gets a membership to an online business directory then they will have access to more information. Most business directories will give you unlimited searches so that you can look up as many businesses as you want. Whether a person is looking for a small business directory or a reverse directory, they can still get the information that they need.