The Big Apple is an expensive place to live, but how much does it really cost? If you want to live comfortably in New York City, you're going to need a six-figure salary. According to a survey from GoBankingRates, you'll need at least $100, 000 to live comfortably in the Big Apple.

Do you want to live in Manhattan or another part of NYC?

If you're considering moving to New York City, a major factor to consider is the salary you'll need to live in Manhattan. The average cost of living in NYC is $2,600 per month. An easy way to cut down on the monthly costs is to share an apartment with roommates. There are many websites that can help you find roommate situations in New York City.


How much do you want to spend on rent?

A new report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University has just been released. It discusses how much of a salary a person must earn to afford an apartment in the metropolitan area of New York City.


How much can you save each month?

The cost of living in New York City is notoriously high. In order to get a sense of the cost of living, it's important to look at income and expenses.


How much will your commute be?

Currently, the median rent in NYC is $3,200, which equates to roughly $2,500 a month. If you're making $2,500 or less a month, you might want to rethink living in New York City as


What are the tax rates in NYC?

The average salary in New York City is $55,836. The median household income in New York City is $52,491. Tax rates in NYC depend on where you live. If you live in Manhattan the tax rate is 8.


How much will your utilities cost?

How many time does your apartment light up? That depends on the size of your apartment, what utilities you choose to have and how often you use them. The average American household spends about $110 a month on utilities. How many kilowatts do you have in your home?


What is the salary you need to live in NYC?

In today's economy, the cost of living continues to rise. With the increase in gas prices, housing costs, and food prices, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the middle class to live comfortably. How much is the average cable bill? For digital cable, or DVR service,the cost is about $100 per month.



Many people live in Manhattan, it is one of the most expensive areas to live in the United States. The cost of living in New York City is quite high and salaries also are on the higher end of the spectrum. People who live in Manhattan typically have an average apartment that costs about $2,500 a month. Therefore, middle class citizens who live in Manhattan, don't have enough money to purchase food. As of 2007, the average salary for residents living in Manhattan was about $32,973. This makes Manhattan the highest earning county in New York.