When it comes to food, New York has some of the tastiest dishes in the world. A must-try New York dish is Pork Bun (bun cha bao).


New York City is famous for its diverse cuisine. It is home to some world's finest chefs and food writers. Many people believe that the cuisine in New York is the best anywhere in the world.

So what makes up this food scene? A list of the most common foods that are served throughout New York include:


Braised Pork Shoulder: If there is one dish in New York that epitomizes New York dining, it is pork shoulder. This dish is a staple of every meal at a New York restaurant. The meat is marinated overnight in vinegar, which helps to make the meat tender and flavorful.


Chicken Over Rice: A favorite dish on many New York menus, chicken over rice is usually served in a thin soup. Many restaurants use vegetables such as scallions and bamboo shoots as garnishments. This dish is usually accompanied by a side salad.


Pork Belly: Many restaurants serve this dish, which is often served with sweetened rice vinegar. This dish is also known as a pork medley. Some versions are served with shrimp, but if you are trying it at a restaurant, ask them to substitute shrimp with chicken breast.


Porterhouse Steak: New Yorkers has a favorite steak that they call a Porterhouse steak. This type of steaks are typically made from pork butt. The meat is usually very tender and is served on white bread with a selection of vegetables. If you are looking for a great meal to start a night out, this is the perfect choice.


Barbecued Pork Chops: Another meat that is usually served on a New York menu is the barbecued pork chop. This delicious dish is made with tenderloin or other thin cuts of pork chops.


BBQ Pork Chops: Unlike the pork shoulder, pork chops do not have to be marinated overnight in vinegar. BBQ pork chops can be grilled with a variety of sauces, such as hot sauce, marinade, sweet marjoram, lemon pepper, or any number of others.


Lobster Roll: This is a must-try New York treat. You might think that this item is not very popular, but you'd be surprised how popular it is. Lobster rolls are typically filled with several different kinds of ingredients, including fresh veggies, seafood, cream cheese, and bacon.


Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast: The best way to describe this dish is by saying it's like a sandwich, except you wrap it around the chicken. This is one of the best-selling items on New York menus. This dish has a rich flavor and a rich, buttery taste that can't be described in words.


The Big Apple Burger: If you love burgers, then you've already had the Big Apple. Many restaurants offer this tasty sandwich on their menus. Each of these sandwiches is made with tenderloin or other thin cuts of meat.


What is a Must Eat in New York Sandwich: Perhaps the most popular sandwich in the city is the New York Steak Sandwich. These sandwiches are made with one or two pieces of meat, usually a slice of sandwich style bread. Most of these sandwiches are topped with French fries or other condiments.


Burgers are made using many different types of cooking techniques. There are also some types of burgers available in the city that are grilled over hot coals.


Macaroni and Cheese: Macaroni and cheese are another great option for a great sandwich. This popular dish is made by combining macaroni noodles and cheese in a special dough called "pastrami" that has been flavored.


What is a Must Eat in New York Sandwich For the Vegetarians: A great New York Sandwich for those who are vegetarian is the grilled vegetable sandwich. A great place to find this sandwich is on the Upper West Side.


There are many other unique and delicious sandwiches in New York. Just take the time to look around and you will find a sandwich that fits the bill.