New York is a city of many styles, most notably culinary and famous for their restaurants. New York has restaurants that are famous for their style and cuisine, others for the food alone. The dishes served at New York's restaurants can best be described as American-inspired, offering both authentic and non-traditional ingredients. Some of the most popular food from New York City restaurants are famous for being on the cutting edge of American cuisine, while others offer menus with a broad range of international influences. It is difficult to narrow down an all-time favorite menu.

Perhaps the all-time most famous dish in New York is chicken. With its popularity came a flood of equally famous variations on the theme. Chicken wings, buffalo chicken wings, and chicken nuggets have all made their way to the top of the all-time New York food list. Many of the chicken recipes offered in New York restaurants offer recipe variations that are famous around the world. A quick search online will yield websites offering chicken wings and other wings, along with more specific searches for chicken nuggets, barbecue wings, and fried chicken wings.


New York offers some of the best chicken wings you'll ever find anywhere. In addition to the ubiquitous Manhattan chicken wing, there are soul food inspired chicken wings that offer tangy barbeque flavors to the bird. You can also find traditional fried chicken and waffles wings, as well as more exotic dishes such as Indian chicken tikka masala. New York restaurants that specialize in soul food will likely have some of the best chicken wings you've ever had. If you're looking for fried or baked chicken, the list of soul food restaurants in New York is unending.


Another hugely popular choice among visitors to the Big Apple is pasta. From pizza to spaghetti, you'll find countless pasta dishes in New York restaurants. Pasta dishes can be as simple as a fresh tossed salad to more complex pasta recipes that feature meat, pasta, vegetables, and spices to offer a unique taste.


One of the most popular dishes from New York City is called lasagna. Lasagna is also one of the most popular foods in Italy. The main difference between lasagna and other forms of Italian food is the inclusion of meat in the ingredients. Although it's not real Italian, lasagna may be the most delicious dish you've ever cooked in your life. It truly is a culinary wonder of the world.


If you enjoy pastrami, you will absolutely love what New York has to offer with their hot dog and hamburger buns. In addition to traditional meats, the New York dog is made with special sauce that gives you the most wonderful aroma and flavor. Hamburgers are also popular in New York restaurants, and you can find amazing hot dog and hamburger buns there. No matter what type of food you prefer, you will not be disappointed with what New York City has to offer.


Hot dogs and hamburgers are just two of the many mouth watering delicacies that can be found in New York City. Of course, there is pizza too. If you are looking for something with a little bit of a kick to go with your morning coffee, you will be glad to know that pizza is very popular as well. From their hoagie sandwiches to their spinach pizzas, pizza is something you can expect to eat with almost every meal you have in the city.


What food is new York city is probably going to change over time. Over time, the city will become more famous for its foods that have been created by local chefs. Whether you like gourmet food or you just want to try something different, New York City may be your perfect vacation location.