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Window treatment hardware comes with mounting brackets, screws or nails, and installation instructions. Use screws alone if installing through drywall or plaster directly into wall studs. When brackets are between wall studs, support the screws for lightweight treatments with plastic anchors in the correct size for the screws. If the brackets must support a heavy treatment, use plastic toggle anchors or molly bolts in the correct size for the wallboard depth. As net curtains are highly visible from the outside of the house the look of your home can be instantly refreshed for a fraction of the expense and effort of re-painting the windows and door for example. It’s important to put thought into selecting the right pattern, length and style of your curtains. Are you looking for sheer curtains that filter the light, but still keep the room’s brightness? Or do you prefer opaque drapes that offer more privacy? Are you a light sleeper and need blackout curtains to banish any sliver of light that can disrupt your sleep? Like most things in life - designing modern curtains is all about ideas and choices - and identifying what you want from your living room is the best place to start. Although custom drapes and curtains are usually perceived as an element of interior design, they bring a lot of practical benefits. Voiles, also known as sheers, will soften the overall appearance of a window, maximise natural light during the daytime and still offer privacy. They’re not lined, so they don’t take up much room when pulled back from the window, which also makes them ideal where space is at a premium. Available in a range of fabrics, including cotton, silk and synthetic materials, sheers can be more cost-effective than traditional curtains. ‘Lots are available in wider widths, cutting down on the amount of making-up time needed,’ explains Gannon. When you want to revamp a room quickly and not for too much money, most people would overlook changing their curtains. Personally I think the small changes are the most noticeable; however you could be faced with a tricky decision whether to choose net curtains or voile for your windows. Each item is equally popular, so it really comes down to personal preference. 

The material plays a vital role in the look of the curtains and consequently, the room. From sheer lace to lightweight cotton, medium weight brocades to heavy velvet, your options are aplenty. The two factors that you should consider while picking your fabric are the amount of sunlight you want streaming in and the mood and décor of your room. Another major consideration when deciding on window decoration is going to be the opacity of your new curtains. Different opacity curtains suit the needs of different rooms and applications. For example, you might not want light silk curtains or white curtain styles in the bedroom, where you will likely need to block out sunlight. What is the role of the curtain in the space? Is it a bedroom that requires full blockout for sleeping, is it a TV room where sunlight needs to be filtered or is it a lounge room that you like to keep warm? Each room in your home will have different requirements depending on who and what the room is being used for. Think about children and pets and the role they play in the house too with durability, easy clean properties being a priority in the fabric choice. If you are in the right mood, then only you can concentrate on your work properly. If you have natural light coming into the room and if it is good enough, then only you can get the required results. You will be able to concentrate well in this atmosphere. Some say that 

Voile Curtains

 are incredibly timeless and a great option for a window decoration.

Think About Your Space

Curtains come in many varieties. Draperies, sheers, shades, blackouts etc. are some commonly used varieties that you can easily find. You can choose the type of curtain as per your requirements. Curtains and blinds play a significant part in any home. It is useful not only for decoration or aesthetics but also for the safety of the owner from people who wants to take a peek in their homes. Also, they block unwanted light from entering, which is perfect for people who get disturbed easily from natural light while sleeping. Window treatments help in enhancing the look of all kind of home so that you will love the beauty and elegance offered by these curtains. Additionally, you can select any design styles and look of the affordable sheer curtains so that you will get the best looking option. These are lightweight and versatile curtains that helps you to retain privacy while allowing you to get the desired amount of sunlight and air. Thick heavy curtains are great during the winter for keeping cosy. However, more daylight hours and less of a chill means you can easily swap them for something lighter. Net curtains or voiles are a good choice as they’ll maximise the amount of daylight coming into a room while still providing a layer of privacy. Swapping out your dated window coverings for a more modern option allows you to control the amount of light that streams in, maximizes your home's energy savings, and reinvigorates a room's decor. The 

Net Curtains

 must be suitable for the particularities of the room in which they are located.

When it comes to curtains, some fabric options are better suited for certain rooms than others. For example, polyester curtains are great for bedrooms to control light and sheer curtains add a lovely ambience of diffused light in living spaces. The tailored look of linen makes it a perfect addition to a casual dining space or chic living room. Silk or velvet curtains are well suited for more traditional spaces like formal dining rooms. The net curtain allows plenty of natural light into your bedroom during the day. In addition, they also let some sunlight get through during the evening hours so you can view the moon, stars, and other pieces of nature’s beauty. This is possible because net curtains are made from transparent materials that allow lots of light to flow in through the window while still providing some privacy at night when you need it most. Net curtains can be paired with a heavier curtain, to bring functionality day and night. Curtains are helpful as they prevent dust from getting into your rooms. When your windows or doors are opened, wind containing dust particles can enter your home. So, having curtains can help gather all of the dust. This is why it’s important to clean your curtains regularly. You can dry clean them, vacuum them, or hire professional curtain cleaning services. Even though net curtains are made with thin and soft fabrics they’re incredibly durable and they have excellent colour retention. Therefore, your curtains won’t tear easily and UV rays won’t tarnish the colour of the fabrics, which is excellent for summer’s harsh sun. When shuffling between your favorite 

Curtains Online

 ideas, there are a few key points for you to consider before purchasing.

Efficiently Filter The Light

There are soooooo many styles of curtains literally a click of the computer away, right? Do you like floor length curtains? Full curtains? Tab curtains? Pinch pleats? Are you going for a formal look or a casual one? Are your curtains playing a supportive role in a room or are they a stand-out focal point? Shutters are a practical and attractive option for a window dressing, however they are a lot more expensive than net curtains. Net curtains disperse natural light and reduce glare from direct sunlight. They can assist in protecting your interior from ultraviolet rays, diminishing the likelihood of fading and sun damage to furniture, carpeting, and soft furnishings. These days, you'll find net or voile curtains in a range of colours, as well as accessorised with tassels or pom-poms. They're also a cheap way to give any room a quick revamp - you can find net curtains starting from £2.50 a metre. One telling difference between the kinds of Net Curtains Fred Flintstone might have had and the kind that most people have now is that during earlier days, Net Curtains used to be made out of wool, cotton or silk. In today’s world, most of the net curtains are made out of polyester. This synthetic material is something that retains the exquisite look of silk but costs much lesser. The 


 must stand out in the house because of their singularity, which specifically adorns the room they are in.

The length of the curtain will depend on the size of your window, as well as the decor. There are three types of curtain lengths; which include apron, puddle, and floor. In case you open your windows frequently, apron curtain lengths are more suitable. The apron length curtains measure 84 inches and are ideal for preventing dust and dirt from accumulating on the floor. Consider whether you would prefer lined or unlined curtain. Unlined curtains are ideal for summer use or in rooms where the window hangings are mostly for decorative purposes. They will drape nicely but filter out less light than lined curtains but will offer privacy during the day. Lined curtains will block out more light (ideal for children and light sleepers) and will offer complete privacy day and night. The heavier weight of the fabric will look more luxurious when gathered at the side of the window but can be too bulky for smaller windows. Curtains are there to provide privacy within the home as well as to help accentuate your decorative style. You need to find a balance between the practical requirements of a room and matching the room’s decor. Rooms have different requirements when it comes to choosing curtains. Teaming curtains with blinds can create the illusion of a bigger window or make your ceiling appear higher. Just fit your blind a few centimetres above the window, with the curtain pole at the same height but extended up to 60cm out at each side. With areas of larger glazing, sometimes too much sunlight is let in and there can be excessive glare from the light at certain times of day. Net curtains are ideal to help diffuse and regulate how much light comes into the room without making the room dark at all. New 

Eyelet Curtains

 are a great choice if you want a little bit of everything from your window treatments without having to commit too heavily to any one of those needs. 

Rise To The Occasion

Successful window dressings can make a huge impact on a design scheme and truly set the tone of a room. Every element, from fabric to layering, colour, pattern, length and trim can make a true statement – and a little refresh doesn’t have to cost the earth. Cover your windows in elegance with drapes that have astylish and elegant appearance. Using fire retardant curtains as a passive firesafety measure for events where candles or open flame will be used is a goodidea.These thermal curtains will isolate and prevent combustion in the event of an emergency, keeping your guests safe. Curtains are a significant visual design element in any room and their length has a major visual impact on how big that room feels. You do not need to place your curtain rod right above the windows and have the hem of the curtain end right at the windowsill. The closer to the ceiling you hang a curtain, the taller and more spacious a room feels. The same goes for the lower the curtain hem hangs below the windowsill. You can find more details on the topic of Well Designed Curtains on this web page.

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