Did you think New York is only famous for romantic destinations? 

Were you of the view that New York is not a place for history or art lovers? 

Well, you need to think twice! May be you have not heard about the plethora of museums that are present in New York. Let’s tell you about one of the most famous and rich in art museums of New York – The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

What do you get to see in the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a treasure place for art lovers. It houses exceptional art deco, unusually found masks, ancient musical instruments, awe-inspiring architecture and attention-grabbing paintings. The eye-catching works of art are a fortune to care, click, and capture. Owning any of the art pieces will be a pleasure for art lovers. 

Address: 1000 5th Avenue, New York, United States.

You will be able to catch a glance of how woodcuts are made – the art of printmaking is a relief process which uses knifes and tools to carve out special designs into the surface of wooden blocks. 

At the MET store you get apparels, publications and gift items that are unique and one in a million. The MET publications give you a chance to go through five decades of publications which are available for reading, downloading, and searching for absolutely free. 

Who keeps the museum and its belonging in position?

There are famed scientists and curatorial staff who come together to read, study, research, and exhibit the rare objects in the MET collection. The MET collection is 5000 years of human creativity – it is a treat to go through the art works. Anyone and everyone will get fascinated after ging through these works of art. These art pieces, be it pictures, wooden items, architectural designs, or simply gift products are rare to be found anywhere else. You can only see to believe the genius it holds. 

How different or unique or special is The Metropolitan Museum of Art? 

The MET is special and different than other museums as it has a wide range of items on display. You can never get board or run out of options for your eyes to get shocked. 

Some of the most famous works of art at the MET are:

  1. Textiles in the House of Worth
  2. Coco Chanel: Romanticism
  3. The Harold Koda Gift
  4. Paul Poiret and Raoul Dufy
  5. Charles Frederick Worth
  6. A Maid Asleep

You can go through all the above pieces of art online in the official website. 

The MET contains art from all walks of life. Be it different portraits of a single woman depicting varied moods or the bird just out of the cage or a relentless man grabbing hold of a prey. 

The museum is a must visit place not only for art lovers but for everyone. A tour of the museum opens minds and gives a different prospect of life. If you are in New York or about to visit, this is a must visit place.