Spring is not just about the appearance of new leaves, but is also about nature and the change that come with it. For all of us in New York City, it is the start of a season of renewal that will see an entire new season emerge each year.

Because of the drastic weather changes of the last year, many buildings have had to undergo major renovations and even upgrades. This has not only caused an economic impact on the New York City but has a major effect on its inhabitants. As the entire city rebuilt and re-built their structures, they have also had to rebuild the damage that was done.


When you think of spring in New York, you think of everything changing. The colors of the flowers are brightening up the surroundings, and their fragrance is a strong reminder of how beautiful the season can be. But if you look deeper into this beautiful phenomenon, you will find the most important factor that you must consider during the spring and summer months. The right color can really make all the difference.

George Carlin said, "You know the old saying;' Like riding in a hot tub? Try standing in a hot tub.' It's true, because during the spring and summer months, you can't stand in a hot tub, but you can certainly stand in a hot room, so take some time during this time to truly appreciate what the colors of the season represent to you. Depending on the season, you can get a healthy dose of green from lush foliage, a green tint from berry colors, a cool effect from winter blues, or a warm feel from gold and reds.


After the weather changes, you need to move into areas that have undergone the opposite color. To help you get a true feel for this, here are some color charts of New York:


Spring - May to August - Purple, Red, Brown, Cream, Green, Peach, Maroon, Turquoise, Violet, Zephyrhills, White, Violet, Lavender, Mulberry, Apricot, Orange, and Red, are very popular colors for this time of year. A mixture of all of these colors makes for a beautiful impression. You can get a great sense of beauty, warmth, and love from these colors.

Summer - September to December - Warm red, green, blue, and yellow colors are extremely popular. Autumn, purple, orange, burgundy, chocolate, and navy are also popular colors for this time of year. It is good to go on some day trips away from home to do some exploring and get out of the city.


Winter - January to March - Blue, gray, and silver colors are really popular for this time of year. The return of snow can bring on a feeling of nostalgia and excitement, which is exactly what everyone is looking for during this time of year. If you look closely, you will notice that there is no real difference between the colors of the seasons, but they are very similar to each other in general.