Real estate is a big industry. With the increasing population, the demand for real estate has also grown, especially in metropolitan cities like Los Angeles, New York, etc. People migrate to bigger cities like New York for better work opportunities and for getting higher education, thereby creating demand. New York is such a famous and bustling city full of opportunities, attracts a lot of people planning to settle down there. The high demand has also put a high price on real estate in New York.


People who are not familiar with New York or foreigners looking to settle down in New York often think that New York is one big city. While that is true, New York is mainly made of five major areas. The five main areas or boroughs of New York are Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island. In terms of real estate in New York, Manhattan is considered one of the poshest, while Queens has the lowest cost of living, making it ideal for someone just starting out in the city. 


  • Manhattan:

Manhattan has one of the most expensive real estate in New York. Plenty of celebrities own properties in Manhattan. If you’re looking for a property with a picturesque skyline, you should look in Manhattan. Manhattan is broadly divided into the Upper Eastside, Greenwich Village, Upper Westside. Upper East Side houses the Met, Guggenheim Museum, Madison Square Garden, and is considered the poshest of all.


  • Brooklyn:

Connected to the west of Manhattan via the famous Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn is perceived to be home to affluent families. Brooklyn’s cultural scene is kind of like Manhattan but more laid back. The neighborhood is roomier than Manhattan. Brooklyn is divided into Williamsburg and Park Slope & Prospect Heights. Williamsburg is a center for culture and art, while Park Slope & Prospect Height is considered the affluent neighborhood.


  • Queens:

Queens is located in the easternmost part of New York and is the biggest borough of all the five. Queens is one of the most diverse areas, making it a melting pot of culture. The area has a relaxed suburban vibe with the big city benefits. Divided into Astoria and Sunnyside, Queens offers pricing and experience of a suburban area, despite being a part of NYC. 


  • The Bronx:

The Bronx is famous for its hip hop culture, big parks and is home to the sports team New York Yankees. It is divided into Fordham, Riverdale and South Bronx. Riverdale is an upscale neighborhood of the Bronx. This borough has decent access to Manhattan and properties with lower rent. 


  • Staten Island:

This is the southernmost borough of New York that is connected to Manhattan by ferries. Noteworthy neighborhoods here are Great Kills and St. George. Often known as the forgotten borough, Staten Island offers a suburban and family-oriented lifestyle. It has a zoo, botanical gardens, and houses with backyards and pools. This place is a great pick for a laid back lifestyle to settle down with your family.