The body part of your reflective essay should follow the thesis. It should be free of any irrelevant details, and it should follow the thesis. The final paragraph of your reflective essay should be a few paragraphs long, but should contain the main point of your essay. Visit for more info. The body paragraphs should be no more than 200 words long. If you don't use an outline, it may be too long. Instead, use a short outline that will help you organize your thoughts.

The conclusion should be the last paragraph of the essay. It should explain the purpose of the essay and the experience. It should also state what happened and who it affected. In the end, your reflective essay should be a reflection of your experience. So, keep in mind these tips when writing your personal essay. Remember to make it unique! The key to writing a reflective one is to be honest about your experience. The more you can be open, the more you'll improve your writing.

The body of your reflective essay should be a brief overview of the event. Don't go into great detail about it. In addition, the body should follow a chronological order. Then, describe the major issues related to the event you're describing. If you've been able to experience this particular event, it should be discussed in your essay. The essay should have a conclusion that summarizes the experience. The writing should be in the third person.

Regardless of how you write your reflective essay, it's important to follow the same structure as a standard essay. The introduction should focus on your topic and should be no longer than 200 words. If the subject is about your experience, include the specific details that happened. This can help you make the most of your experience in your essay. The second part should describe how you feel after you had the event. Then, you should discuss how it affected your life.