Times Square is a commercial zone, entertainment center, and a tourist destination in Manhattan in New York City. It is the best street and the busiest streets in New York City. It is called the “center of the universe”. Times Square is the most widely visited tourist destination, with approximately 50 million people visiting it annually. It has its intersection at Broadway, 7th avenue, and stretches from 42nd street to 47th street in the west. It is the busiest pedestrian in New York City.

How to reach Times Square?    

If you are living in New York City, you must surely be familiar with the place. You can reach Times Square in various ways. You can either use the subway, or bus, or train or you can reach by your transport. 

The various bus routes are described below:

Bus – M34A-SBS, M7, and Q32 can be used to reach Times Square in urban Manhattan. 

  • You board a bus from Astoria, New York to Times Square. It usually takes 55 minutes to reach there.
  • You can also board M7 bus or BX13 from Yankee stadium, the Bronx to reach Times Square in 53 minutes.

Train routes to get to the Times Square

Train lines that will let you reach the Times Square are train – BABYLON, HUDSON, JOURNAL SQUARE – 33 RD (VIA HOBOKEN). These train lines stop near Times Square. You can either walk or hire a public transport to reach your way.   To reach Times Square you can use the following train routes depending on your location:

  • From Yankee Stadium, Bronx, you can board train MNR to reach your way to Times Square. It usually takes 37 minutes to land on Broadway.
  • From MTA Subway – Queensboro Plaza (N/W/7), Long Island City, you can have your way to Times Square by LIRR train. It usually takes 60 – 69 minutes to get you there.

Subway routes to reach Times Square

Subway – 1, Subway – D, Subway – N, Subway – Q are the commonly used subways to reach Times Square in Manhattan, New York City. You can adjust your visit according to your location and availability of various subways. 

  • From Astoria, New York it is 36 minutes to reach Times Square. You can use Subway –N to reach there.
  • From Yankee Stadium, Bronx, it takes around 27 minutes to reach Times Square by Subway – D.

You can also opt for 1, 2, 3, 7, A, C, E, N, R, and Q Street Shuttle to reach Times Square / Port Authority Bus Terminal which is a subway station. 

Is it possible to get a guide at Times Square? If you reach Times Square, you can normally find guides and other native people to get through the place. You can also contact a travel agency to conduct your tour in New York City. You can even surf the internet and get knowledge about various Times Square places like dining, theater, etc.