It is the most widely visited urban park in New York City. Also, it is the fifth-largest park in New York City. It is located in Manhattan and covers an area of around 3.41 km2. It is a great place to study the flora, fauna, and diversity in nature. It also provides an important place to learn and appreciate the natural beauty. Central Park also provides a psychological escape to the people. It provides ample joy to sit in Mother Nature’s lap. 

How to reach Central Park in New York City

Central Park is in the heart of New York City. It borders 59th street, 110th street, and 5th Avenue in Manhattan. You can get to the Central Park either by bus, train or subway. All three routes are duly accessible. 

Bus routes to reach Central Park

Many buses are driving to the central park. However, it covers some walking distance as well. You can use bus BXM3, BXM4, M10, M104, M2. You can also use the following bus routes to get to Central Park:

  • From Groove Street PATH station, Jersey City, it is an 86 minute route. You can take bus 86, 119, or M104 to reach the Park.
  • From Yankee Stadium, Bronx, it is 42 minutes apart. You can board bus BXM4 to reach your destination.

Train routes to reach the central park

Central Park is one of the most widely visited tourist destinations in New York City. It has a beautiful landscape structure and design. You can get into Central Park by train as well. You can even board train HUDSON to reach Central Park. 

  • From Groove Street PATH Station, Jersey City, train MNR train takes 101 minutes to land on the Manhattan station. From there you can board a bus or bike to get into the central park. You can walk to the park as well. 
  • From Yankee Stadium, Bronx, it is 54 minutes apart. You need to walk to the Yankee station and then board MNR train. After you reach Manhattan station, you can walk to Central Park.

Subway routes to reach Central Park

Subway B is preferred most of the time to get you to Central Park. You can choose the following subway routes to reach Central Park. 

  • From Yankee Stadium, Bronx, you first need to board Subway D and then Subway B to reach Central Park. Generally, it takes 26- 30 minutes to get into the park.
  • From Atlantic Terminal Brooklyn, you only need to board Subway B and then walk a little while to reach your destination. It will take you 42 – 50 minutes to reach the park.

To get a more vibrant and knowledgeable view of the park, you need a guide or an expert with you. You can even explore Central Park by yourself. You can take a guided tour or you can move around in the park or have a ride on the carousel. You can also take a boat to go through the lake.