Memorials don’t carry a very happy story behind them but they have always been a source of inspiration in one or the other way. The 9/11 Memorial is no different. No one can ever forget about the tragic incident that happened on September 11. The historic twin towers were blown off the pieces along with many innocents. There stands a memorial in the memory of around 3000 victims who lost their lives and to the survivors who set an example of courage and compassion for the generations to come.

About the Memorial

The memorial plaza is the place that keeps the spirits of the incident, the victims, and the survivors alive in our hearts forever and ever. Build at a space of 8 acres, with 400 grove trees and the largest manmade waterfall is a pleasure to the eyes of everyone who visits the place. With each pool being a size of 1 acre, the names of each victim have been a museum in bronze around the pools to honor their bravery and keeping their memories alive.

This is open for visitors from 7.30 am to 9 pm.

About the museum

The memorial serves as a principal institution for examining the events of the tragic date. The memorial and museum stands at the original place of the twin towers. It invites the visitors to be a witness of the series if events related to the date, it’s artifacts, and its history.

There is no entry fee for the place but the permission for photography requires small amount to be paid.

Normally the timing for the museum is 9 am to 8.30 pm, but if it is the weekend so it’s open till 9 pm.

Getting to the 9/11 memorial and museum 

The place is situated on 180 Greenwich Street, New York which is easily accessible by all public transports namely

  • Subways
  • Bus
  • Path
  • Ferry
  • Car

Experience a tour

There are various packages for the visitors of the 9/11 memorial and museum. They are

  • 60 minutes museum tour which lets the visitors gain a deeper knowledge and understanding about the events and incidents related to the 9/11 attacks.
  • 60 minutes early access museum tour is the tour given early morning before the Museum opens up for the general public. This is carried out daily from 8:15 Am to 9:15 AM
  • 45 minutes memorial you gives you the insight story of the victims of the attacks in who’s memory, the place has been built.

NOTE- This is not available in the months of January and February.

  • 90 minutes Memorial and Museum tour gives the visitors details on both the museum and the memorial
  • Youth it family tour is for the families with the kids especially. It is also a 60 minutes tour.


There is no entry fee for the place but the tickets need to be purchased which can be done 6 months in advance from the official website. It is indeed a place worth visiting and exploring!