Perhaps one of the happiest days in a kid’s life is December 25. Not only are they on vacation at that day, they will also be receiving different kinds of gifts from virtually everyone. Christmas season is in fact the most anticipated day of the year, more so than their birthdays.

With so many people already giving them toys, it is sometimes already a cliché to be giving them toys again. But with their minds anticipating toys as Christmas gifts, it is often hard to find a non-toy gift that a kid will truly appreciate.

Below are some non-toy gifts that kids will (hopefully) appreciate.

1. Educational computer programs

This is one avenue where they can have fun while learning. What is more, they will be able to hone their skills on the keyboard and in manipulating the various commands in the computer. There are actually a lot of titles to choose from. You will find Disney games that are really educational. Puzzle games such as Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy are also great in developing the vocabulary and the knowledge in current events.

Another game that is actually popular among the kids is Where in the world is Carmen San Diego. It combines detective work with travel and current events as well as math and word games. a definite plus to any kid’s video game collection.

2. Craft packs

Another toy that is not really a toy is craft packs that are often available in craft stores and in toy shops. Art packs allow kids to explore their artistic and creative part as well as fill their time with a worthwhile and effective exercise.

There are different kinds of crafts to choose from. Just make sure that the art that you have chosen is suitable to the age of the kid. Remember that some art activities require them to make use of sharp objects so be very careful in giving them gifts that may potentially be dangerous to them.

3. A trip to the museum or to the zoo

One method to ensure fun and learning without giving them another toy is to give them each day in a favorite place where they can have fun. A trip to the zoo or to the Science Centrum is a great Christmas gift for a kid.

Of course, take into consideration their interests. If it’s in the Arts, you can accompany them to an art gallery or if Science is their thing to the NASA museum.