Have you ever thought the scents or perfumes feel so refreshing sometimes? Why the bees move around the flowers all day? Why the garden smell very nice when it blooms new flowers in the garden? All the flowers have some specific type of smell that attracts the honey bees. Honey bees collect nectar from the flower to prepare honey. Without flowers, it's not possible to prepare natural honey. In this article, we will be discussing some flowers and florists of New York city. let us start this very nice smelling journey.

The official state flower of New York 

Though there are many types of flowers are there in New York, Rose is designated as the official state flower of New York designated in 1955. Rose is the symbol of love, friendship but sometimes it also symbolizes war and politics.

Need for flowers

Flowers have various uses in everyone’s life. People use it to make a garland, to make decorate houses and cars. To decorate the bed, to propose to our loved one, to show love for someone, to make a bouquet, etc. It is also used at the funeral if a person. On marriage ceremony it is also used to make whole the atmosphere smelling wonderful. So we can see flowers give us the company both on our sad days and in our joyful days.

Different occasions different flowers

Though we are free to give any flower to anyone on any occasion, there are some symbolic expressions or manners in the wishing custom with flowers. When someone wants to propose someone or some deep affection for some, he or she usually chooses flowers. Red roses are given in all the occasion specially to express love between lovers and yellow flowers represents the love and friendship between friends. Yelp flowers mostly mean only friendship and not couple or lovers type love. To wish someone his of her birthday the most commonly chosen flower is Gerberas. To express admiration and congratulations to someone, Orchid or carnation is preferred over others in general.

Flowers in perfumes and scents

One of the best use of flowers is to make perfumes and scents. This kind of stuff makes the fragrance of the flowers stay for longer in the form of liquid and spray. There are many kinds of flowers to make perfumes and scent but some of the main flowers for fulfilling this purpose are Rose, freesia, lily, jasmine, gardenia, peony, etc.

Flowers and florist in New York

People in New York can easily get the flowers or bouquet they want at a reasonable price. They do not need to miss any chance to express their love or any other feeling towards some just because of the lack of some varieties of flowers. In New York city many types of flowers are available in the market. Some of these flowers include the names All kinds and colors of roses, tulips, Lily, Orchid, Sunflower, pansy, daisy, etc. The famous florist which provides it's customers these flowers and bouquet of flowers are Just Testa, Elan flowers, Emily Thompson flowers, Scotts flowers, Lewish miller design, etc.