New York is an amazing destination. Eight out of ten travel enthusiasts have New York City in their bucket list of travel. And, why should not they? After all New York has a myriad of places to visit and have a gala time. Be it history, leisure, literary or simply scenic beauty – New York has something to offer to every traveler. One of the most frequently thronged tourist attractions in New York is the Brooklyn Bridge that majestically appears over the city’s East River. The bridge interconnects Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

From 1883, the granite of the Brooklyn Bridge’s towers and steel cables have been providing scenic and most importantly safe passage to millions of travelers like daily commuters, tourists, bicycles, carts, and trains. 

What did it take to get the Brooklyn Bridge constructed?

It took 14 years and $ 15 million to get the majestic bridge ready. It is said that during the construction process, almost 24 people lost their lives, which included the original designer as well. However, when we see the 125 years old bridge today, all the money and time that has been utilized for it is worth it.  

Who Constructed the Brooklyn Bridge?

Born in 1806 in Germany, John Augustus Roebling is credited to be the creator of the Brooklyn Bridge. The man studied industrial engineering in Berlin and honed his craft to become an inspiration in the domain of designing of steel suspension bridges. He was one of the first engineers to promote the use of wire cables and later successfully established a wire-cable factory. 

Interesting Fact about the Great Brooklyn Bridge – P.T.Barnum got 21 elephants walking on the Brooklyn Bridge to establish the fact that the bridge is completely stable and fit to trespass! 

Unveiling of the Brooklyn Bridge

It was on May 24, 1883, that thousands of people from Brooklyn and Manhattan congregated to be a part of the dedication ceremony. The ceremony was a grand affair that was presided over by the then president Chester A. Arthur and New York Governor Grover Cleveland. 

Who was the first person to take a ride of the complete Brooklyn Bridge?

Emily Roebling was offered the chance to be the first person to travel the entire bridge. Emily had a rooster, symbolizing victory on her lap while going through the bridge. 

Believe it or not, within the next 24 hours, approximately 150,000 commuters took a troll around the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge – Eight Wonder of the World! 

Due to its exceptional length and incredible connectivity between Manhattan and Brooklyn, the Bridge was touted to be the ‘Eight Wonder of the World’. 

Are you too one of those who want to visit New York?

If yes, Brooklyn Bridge is one location that you should not miss. The reason being there are a lot of stories that you can witness over there. The view of the city from the bridge is simply amazing. You can stand their along and see the city moving. You will love that moment for sure.