Directory submission is basic in virtually any kind of SEO promotions . Submitting your sites to human-edited directories could work wonders for your web marketing efforts. 

It is an activity of submitting your site to the right online directories for the intended purpose of gaining publicity and a rise in traffic and backlinks. The directory enlists your site predicated on category. Therefore website owners can boost search engine ranking positions and catch the attention of more users through this SEO technique. 

Faster indexing is one of the fantastic advantages of directory submission. In major se's, your site will be crawled and indexed faster. If you receive links from high-quality directories, your site are certain to get more pages indexed by major se's. 


Although this plan is no more considered as the main way to boost your site's pr, Google still uses quality directories in calculating SERP and PageRank. Furthermore, the keywords and key phrases in directories can provide your site better-targeted ranks. Then, if the directories where you post your site's hyperlink are of high-quality, traffic to your website will improve. This quality traffic can have prospective customers that are much more likely to buy your site's products.


Choose the right directory and category

Make sure that your site's link is submitted under the right category. To do this, you must navigate through their categories and find out the exact category that your link should appear. 


There are several directory submission websites online. It takes time to identify which ones are of high-quality. That said, it's best to leave this job to an SEO agency. Most reputable SEO agencies utilize this type of strategy to enhance their clients' sites. They know which sites can give your site an SEO juice. 


The reality is using a directory submission process as part of your SEO strategy is a best practice and is only one piece of the process that will help move the SEO meter. That said, there is no doubt having scores, even hundreds of listings with identical information will allow Google and other search engines to index listings and attribute more status to your website. Additionally, with the number of mobile devices being used for search increasing, the opportunity to capture more interested potential customers through online directory and citation sites exists.

How Your Website Can Benefit From Directory Submission?

Directory submission activities help maintain a higher online visibility. It is one method of competing in a highly competitive internet environment. You will find millions of websites on the web, the majority do not use effective directory submission methods to help with SEO. 


Increased Online Exposure - Some directories will ask for a fee to be enlisted with them, while others do it for free. If you own a small business, we recommended you post your website to local web directories first and target all the consumers near you. 


Keyword relevance. Having your site outlined in an online directory can help build keyword relevance, which in turn results in more traffic to your site. 


Brand awareness. Directory submission is essential for increasing brand consciousness. 


Affordability. Directory submission is one of the most affordable SEO strategies you can find. Many directories will list your site for free, and even those sites that charge to list your site don't charge a prohibitive amount. Directory submission is easily one of the most economically sensible ways to address link recognition, brand consciousness, and keyword targeting for your website. 


This can be done on your own or hiring a company that specializes in SEO practices such as content writing and optimization, link building, social media marketing, and more. 


One of the most important benefits of directory submission for SEO is your website will be able to get high-quality backlinks since your prospects are finding your website through a reputable source. 


Increased Traffic Generation - If proper keywords are used on your directory submissions, rest assured your listings will be authorized in search engine listings. And as a result, internet users will be able to search for your site using Google and gain additional web traffic in the process. 


Indexing Of Web Pages And Blog Entries - As mentioned, directory submission guarantees search engine indexing as all the pages in your site as well as blog posts as outlined categorically. 


Other Benefits - Other key benefits that you'll get once your website is submitted to online directories are effective keyword targeting, gaining relevant and powerful links, higher link popularity, higher page rank, attract more customers, increased brand awareness, and generate more sales. 


One of the drawbacks to directory submission is that is a tedious process. SEO experts and internet marketing experts have found out that manual submission to directories is the most efficacious way to complete the directory submission task since each directory has its own rules and regulations for submission. Using submission software runs a great risk of rejection since such software is unable to customize your listing for each directory and can't choose appropriate categories and subcategories as accurately as a human being can. But manual submission can take a lot of time and effort.

Information To Prepare For Directory Submission

The very best method we've found for keeping each directory submission constant is making a master document and cutting and pasting with each directory submission. Utilize the list below to have your primary information all set to for every directory submission.

• Business Name • Website Address • Business Categories (can be multiple) • Address • Contact First Name • Contact Last Name • Contact Email • Contact Telephone • Mobile Number • Fax Number • Short Description (100-150 words) • Long Description (150-300 words) • List of Services • Keywords • Number of Employees • Business Hours • Year of Company Formation • Payment Methods • Company Logo/Main Image • Image 1 • Image 2 • Image 3 


Safe Directory Submission Steps To Help SEO

After you assemble all of the basic information listed above, be sure to not let little errors limit the effectiveness of your directory submission process. 


Always submit your website in correct sub-category - don't stretch too much 


Never submit your website in the wrong category - resist the “what the heck” urge to expand reach - it will be a negative, not a positive 


Usually do not provide wrong Links - test all your links on your get good at web page - then trim and paste 


Usually do not provide wrong or inauthentic content - be accurate - reuse the same post materials 


Do not send in the directories requesting reciprocals or want their content to be on your website. 


IMPORTANT - The Directory website Distribution process is a good, non-spammy strategy to gain some genuine dofollow links for your website when done correctly. Spread your submissions out over a period. 500 submissions in a week or two is spammy. 500 distribution over 5-6 months has a far more organic feel to it. Make the procedure a business self-discipline, not a job to complete immediately.