Have you ever got thrilled by watching the formula one race? Most of us are well aware of what is formula one racing? But many of us don't know how it is closely related to New York City!! You must be very amazed to know that 6 out of 10 leading formula one car's company headquarters are there in United New York City. It is one of the greatest hubs for the automotive industry in the word.

In this article, we have some topics to tell you about the automotive industry in New York City.

Meaning of automotive 

Many people consider both the automobile and automotive the same, though both these words have some very fine differences.

The automobile is comprised of two words that are auto and mobile. Auto means the by self and not with the help of others and moto means to move. This automobile means anything which moves without the help of any external force.

Some other meaning also tells that automobile stands for any four-wheeled vehicles which run automatically.

But these days car is also considered as the best meaning of automobile.

Automotive means anything that is related to any part used in the automobile vehicle. For example, the car symbolizes the whole meaning of automobiles and wheels of cars or engines of the car comes under the category of automotive.

These days the automotive industry is defined as the designing, marketing, developing, selling of vehicle vehicles.

Nowadays a car is considered to be one of the main tools for the faster growth of any industry as it is linked with many other industries. But in New York, almost 55 percent household is free from cars and people with cars earns  53 percent more than the people who are not having any vehicle.

There are a lot of many job offers and category also in New York in the automotive. Let's know some of them

Automotive mechanic This job is one of the most preferable jobs in automotive. Some times some written tests are also taken for this job. The main requirement for getting this job is a driving license, driving experience, and a Very clean Driving record. The salary of this may vary from $35000 to $60000 a year.

Product designer

In this job, the person has to designs models of cars and other vehicles with the help of other team members. This job requires an engineering degree and the package of the salary is comparatively high with many other jobs in this field.

Automotive body painter

This job requires a less academic degree in comparison to the last one. People with prior experience with the same job are preferred generally.  The work of the body painter includes painting the automobile both inside and out as per the given instructions. They should also be well versed in handling spray painting system in most of the cases. The salary in this job is either per day, per week or per month as per the rule and nature of the work required.