Yuyin leaned quietly against the head of the bed, with a pillow on her back that Nuolei had given her last night. She could sit alone like this until dawn, and Nuolei went back at dawn. Now it was bright, and a few birds were chirping past the window. But Yu Yin's posture is still motionless, she seems to have become a wooden person, the tears on her face have long been dried. Leaving a trail of tears. Her eyes were swollen like Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket, but she didn't care. So she sat quietly, calling her parents for more than 20 years, which turned out to be false, and the reason why she had never been loved was also here. Foster's kindness is greater than his own, but his own parents can't see it all his life. The sound of the doorbell interrupted Yuyin's thoughts, which she did not want to pay attention to. But there was a strange voice outside the door, "Yingying, open the door.". I know you're in there, Yingying. Yuyin moves her numb body. Who is calling her Yingying? Who knows her name is Yingying? And it was a woman's voice. Could it be that Nuolei was joking with himself last night? Or are you dreaming? She fought back her discomfort and ran barefoot to open the door. Outside the door was Aunt Zhang,7g Ozone Generator, who was seen at Nuolei's house. "Who are you?" Before he had finished speaking, he was held in his arms by the other side. I knew you were Yingying, and I recognized you as Yingying at first sight. Because you're so much like May! Yingying, I finally found you. "Aren't you Aunt Zhang?" Yuyin couldn't figure out what the situation was now. Why did the other side call her so affectionately? Yes, I'm Aunt Zhang. Do you remember me? Aunt Zhang finally let go of Yuyin and asked, holding Yuyin's arm tightly with both hands. Yu Yin nodded,cordierite c520, her memory is not so bad, only met once yesterday! What is the relationship between her and her? Yuyin still doesn't understand. After seeing Yuyin's expression, Aunt Zhang gently took Yuyin's arm. "I knew you wouldn't forget Aunt Zhang. I helped Shangmei take care of your diet and daily life since you were born.". How could you forget! Yuyin sighed lightly in her heart. She really forgot that she had taken care of her more than twenty years ago. How can you remember her if you can't even remember her biological parents? She nodded just because Nuolei called her Aunt Zhang yesterday, and she only knew her name was Aunt Zhang. But how do you explain it to her? "I didn't expect to find you after twenty-five years of searching. You don't know that I've been looking forward to the stars and the moon all day and want to see you again.". Unexpectedly, the little people who used to be pink have grown into big girls. It's an act of God! How happy Shangmei would be if she saw that. Aunt Zhang seemed very happy, and her eyelashes were wet. What kind of feelings does she have for Shiying? "How did I get abducted?" Yu Yin asked. If Aunt Zhang has been taking care of her, she should know how she was abducted. Well, it's a long story. I don't think this would have happened if people hadn't decided to emigrate to Britain. When your family and the Shi family were preparing to emigrate, the Shi family went to England first. Your family was one day late because of some problems with the formalities. That day, your parents took you to the entry and exit center to get your certificate. You were always naughty and disappeared as soon as you turned around. Your parents haven't found it for a long time. I called the police later, steatite c221 ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, but no matter what I did later, I couldn't find you. Shangmei took it to heart all the time because she didn't take good care of you. In the end, she died of illness. I will not turn in my grave! Aunt Zhang finally broke down in tears. Yu Yin's tears fell down again, and her mother died of guilt. How bitter it is! Aunt Zhang wiped away her tears and went on to say, "Shangmei and Zhongtuo have never given up looking for you. When they arrived in England, they asked someone to look for you here.". After Shangmei passed away, I also returned home, because I promised Shangmei that I would find you. What about your family? Do they agree to your return? Yu Yin asked. Fool, I don't have any family. Your family is my family! Since Shangmei took me in, I have treated you as a family. I have a hard life. I am sick and can't bear children. He dislikes marrying a husband. It doesn't count to help him do things. If I'm in a bad mood, I'll beat him to death. I couldn't stand it and escaped. The world is so big, but there is no place for me. In 1980, I couldn't move without money. When I was starving to death, I met Shangmei, who took me in. I will be your nanny in your home. I say I am a nanny, but in fact, I treat you as my own daughter. My heart is broken when you are gone. I have been looking for you for more than twenty years, and the child Nuolei is also looking for you, and your mother Han. They never gave up looking for you! Aunt Zhang complained. Who is Mother Han? Yu Yin asked. Mother Han, don't you remember? Didn't Nuo Lei tell you? Han's mother is Nuolei's mother. She and your mother are very good sisters. When you were a child, you often said that you had two mothers. Aunt Zhang said. Aunt Zhang, I don't remember. What to do? I don't remember anything from my childhood. Even the appearance of my parents, I will never see them again. Yu Yin sobbed. Gently against Aunt Zhang, this moment she suddenly felt no longer lonely, there are so many people love her. This book was first published by Xiaoxiang Academy, please do not reprint! Chapter 18 the son was beaten. The sky is overcast. The clear scenery of the past seems to wear a hazy gray yarn. Yu Yin stayed at home alone. Wen Xin had just come to see her. But she sent him away. She doesn't need sympathy, and she doesn't need pity. No matter how deep the wound is, it will heal. Especially for people like her who are often injured, what obstacles can not be overcome! It's not as sad now as it was a few days ago. The dead are gone. Why bother the living? Faintly, there was a burst of crying outside the door. It's the cry of a child, a bit like his own son. Yu Yin shook her head, how could it be possible! His own son would not come to her in person, and Liwei would not let him come alone. Although the following is a small area, but on the road, cars come and go,Kamado bbq grill, is it because I miss my son too much. Yeah, I haven't seen my sons for days. After Liwei got married, although he would go to see his son from time to time. But I haven't been out for several days because I'm in a bad mood these days. global-ceramics.com